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   The Martian is a movie that talks about an astronaut who was left behind on planet Mars due to a terrible accident that occurred to him and his crew members.

   A crew was sent on a mission  by the NASA to Mars in the hope of discovering new resources and to stay up there for a while. On the last days of this mission, a sand storm hits and destroys the equipment. The astronaut gets injured so the captain of the group figures out she has no choice but to leave the astronaut behind in order to save the lives of the rest of the crew, and they also thought he was dead.

   After a while the astronaut awakes and figures out a way to cure his injuries. He discovers he is in a very bad situation, but he uses everything he has and break many rules so that he can survive.
   This movie impressed me because it teaches you that even though you may be in a very tough situation, you should maintain calmness and figure out ways  save yourself and fight for your life till the last breath.

   This astronaut uses his knowledge and experience to figure out solutions and come up with many different ways to survive and solve problems such as shortage of food. And this is what we all should do, we should benefit from our knowledge and experience.
   In the end the NASA corporation notices the movements of this astronaut through satellites and he is rescued by his crew and returned back to Earth with footage of the period he spent on Mars.

   The viewer should learn that even though sometimes you may think that you are in a very difficult situation, and there is no way out, you should know that as long as you’re doing your best, you will somehow find your way out and solve your problems.